Resident Association
Prakriti Villa

Our association aims to ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of its members, as well as their intellectual development, artistic expression, and cultural exchange among the residents.

Dr. Sijith K
Dr. Sandeep P K

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Villas in Calicut

Welcome to Prakriti – a holistic journey of how we brought in aesthetic villas in Calicut. This is a kind that blends well with the natural setting and that is why we felt the aptest name would be Prakriti – a humble tribute to the delightful nature that surrounds our lives. Talk about the calmness that wraps your existence and that is how Prakriti villas will feed your peace of mind. The entire project is a nature friendly above of contemporary styles that every dweller would love to experience.

The Gardens have always been our sweet spot as this is one of the investment worthy mixes of style, comfort, and amenities, and also the location is set in one of the convenient areas of Calicut. These luxurious villas are up for sale and one visit to our premises will showcase the manner in which we have seamlessly blended the project with the existing nature and terrain of the area. Find a home in every walkway in these plots as the gentle breeze, the calm neighborhood, and an undisturbed ambiance are what we all seek to live every day. Your very own Prakriti villa collection is here to welcome you.

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